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We will waive your deductible. Deductible Assistance Zero out-of-pocket policy for our customers

In the midst of these Montana hail storms, we are taken care of our customers with our Deductible Assistance Program. We will waive your deductible. Once you file a hail claim with your insurance company, depending on your insurance plan, the insurance company covers a certain percentage of the repairs and gives you a deductible amount usually between $300 and $1000. I’m Automotive understands this can be an unexpected expense for our customers and not everyone has this amount of money on the side. As a result, we decided to implement a zero out-of-pocket policy for our customers that use our Stress-free Insurance Claim Processing and Auto Hail Damage Removal Services.

Providing outstanding value based customer service

We realize there is a direct correlation between successful companies and good customer service. So there are different levels of customer service. Task-based customer service is simply doing what the customer paid for. Auto Hail Repair 406 focuses more on the value-based customer service. Because we try to empathize with the customer and figure out what will provide them value.

Dedicated to outstanding quality and customer needs

Everyone wants to save money, save time, get value and make money. So we will waive your deductible up to $1000 allowing you to the save money and invest it elsewhere. We know that you are already paying expensive premiums to be covered for hail damage and we care about your overall customer experience. So that’s why we will waive your deductible and offer Stress-free Insurance Claim Processing. With our extensive experience with All Insurance Companies, we handle every aspect of your claim from beginning to end to make your life easier.

Auto Hail Repair 406 specializes in restoring hail damaged vehicles to like new condition. Read More

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Auto Hail Repair 406 has over 28 years experience in the the Art of Paintless Dent Repair Paintless Ding Repair and Paintless Hail Damage Repair. We are the experts in PDR Paintless Dent Removal Services including replacement of any damaged glass and parts on your vehicle. We are your “Go – To” company for quality and expedient repairs and services. Just bring us you vehicle and insurance claim number and we’ll do all the rest.
We’ll negotiate all estimates and repairs with your insurance company, procure your rental vehicle (if needed), complete all the repairs to your vehicle, replace any damaged glass and parts on your vehicle. We will restore you vehicle back to like new condition.

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