Detail 406 Services in Billings, Montana

Detail 406 is a brand powered by I’m Automotive. Detailing is more than a weekend wash or trip to your neighborhood lube station. It demands personalized attention to improve and maintain the health of your Car, Truck, Boat or RV. We’ve developed detailing techniques and products that clearly distinguish our artisanship in the highly competitive field of detailing. We’ve invested in the proper tools and use only premium care products to clean and condition your vehicle from under the hood, to inside the driver’s seat, and out to the exterior finish.

State of the Art Facility

Your vehicle will remain in our state of the art Climate Controlled Facility throughout the detailing experience. It will not come in contact with any products that contain silicone and chemicals that can adversely affect metal, wood, leather, fabric, and carpets. Detail 406 Specialists will win your business when you will see the attention to detail that they offer. With over 25 Years of Detailing Experience while maintaining a superior customer satisfaction rating.

Skilled Professionals

Whether you are entering a concourse event, or simply want your Car Detail, Truck Detail, Boat Detail or RV Detail to be immaculate, it will make a bold statement after going through our unique process applied by highly skilled professionals. You can trust Detail 406 to put in the same level of attention to your vehicle that you would. If you are a seriousĀ  enthusiast, and are looking for the highest level of detailing… look no further. Our Detail 406 Specialists will win your business when you will see the attention to detail that we offer. Because for over 25 years, Detail 406 Specialists has been dedicated toward details perfection.

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