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Car Detailing Services

Auto Detailing is more than a weekend wash or trip to your neighborhood lube station. It demands personalized attention to improve and maintain the health of your vehicle. We’ve developed auto detailing techniques and products that clearly distinguish our artisanship in the highly competitive field of car detailing.

We’ve invested in the proper tools and use only premium care products to clean and condition your vehicle from under the hood, to inside the driver’s seat, and out to the exterior finish.

State of the Art Facility

Your vehicle will remain in our state of the art Climate Controlled Facility throughout the car detailing experience. It will not come in contact with any products that contain silicone and chemicals that can adversely affect metal, wood, leather, fabric, and carpets.

Detail Specialists will win your business when you will see the attention to detail that they offer. With over 25 Years of Experience while maintaining a superior customer satisfaction rating.

Auto Detailing Professionals

Whether you are entering a concourse event, or simply want your car to be immaculate, it will make a bold statement after going through our unique process applied by highly skilled professionals. You can trust us to put in the same level of attention to your vehicle that you would.

If you are a serious automobile enthusiast, and are looking for the highest level of detailing… look no further. Our Detail Specialists will win your business when you will see the attention to detail that we offer.

Auto Detailing Exterior

An external car detail isn’t simply a glorified wash and wax.

  1. We hand wash and steam clean motor, door jambs, clean wheel wells, calipers, rotors, & rims. Then we dry with micro fiber chamois.
  2. Then we perform the buffing stage using wool pads of medium or fine consistency.
  3. We then hand rub car to prevent buffer and swirl marks.
  4. Finally we hand apply and gently buff final coat to a lustrous shine with our finest micro-fiber towel.

Auto Paint Scratch Removal

Our experienced car detailers can remove many surface scratches, swirl marks and scuffs through the use of advanced polishing techniques. Scratches dull a vehicle’s paint surface, which renders it vulnerable to rust and oxidization causing further damage.

They may emanate from many sources from those overbearing automatic car washes to that pesky person that dings your vehicle in the parking lot of a shopping center. Note that if your vehicle’s damage is too severe to correct with auto detailing, we may refer you to our in-house Auto Body Shop.

Auto Paint Sealant

Paint sealant is a synthetic polymer, which actually bonds to your painted surface providing the very best protection and shine possible. Paint sealant should be re-applied every 6 months to a year.

Buff Color Sand Clay Bar

There are many environmental factors that can damage or discolor your car’s paint job. A culmination of environmental factors steadily takes its toll on your vehicle. From car exhaust, oxidation from acid rain, brake dust, and rail dust, along with some visible things such as road tar, tree sap, bird droppings and impacted insect entrails.

Professional clay treatment can eliminate this potentially damaging contamination that may cause serious damage to a vehicle’s exterior finish if not removed correctly or in a timely manner.

Cob-webbing, scratching, and oxidation are removed with color sanding, wool buffing and foam pads using our patented non-abrasive formulas.

  1. Color sand using sanding products up to 8000 grits.
  2. The second buffing stage is performed with wool pads of medium consistency.
  3. A third buffing stage is performed with form pads of fine consistency.

Car Detailing Interior

The interior of your vehicle can dry out and break down in the harsh Montana sun. Drying, cracking and fading are common problems associated with improper maintenance. We can help protect your expensive leather interior from harsh UV rays and normal driving wear.

Chemical free dry steam vapor is used to clean, sanitize and deodorize carpets, leather, wood, headliner, and air vents. We hand treat all leather to ensure an ultra soft feel. Then we Hand buff leather seats to a smooth satin finish.

Car Carpet & Fabric Extracting

Using the right chemicals and finesse makes all the difference when you’re treating your vehicle’s carpet. Take it to the professionals at I’m Automotive and save yourself the trouble of playing guessing games.

Our high-powered extracting equipment deep cleans debris, dirt, grime and oily residue spots on carpet and fabric. Not only will this help increase the appeal of your car, but extracting also kills microbial germs and bacteria and also eliminates bad odors.

Tough Stains? Interior detailing package will actually take care of most stains on interior seats and carpet. Because we fight these stains with our chemical applications depending on the type and color of contaminate.

If you have stubborn stains that won’t release we can still restore them for you by dyeing the fabric, leather, or vinyl to match the existing material.

What’s that Smell?

Attack those odors inside your vehicle instead of masking them. We use a spectrum of treatments for the interior of your vehicle depending on the type of odor. Our specialists will investigate the culprit and provide the best options including a variety of chemical treatments and clean air cabin filters to get your vehicle smelling like new.



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