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Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Auto Insurance Claim Processing is made easy at I’m Automotive. Because we are experts at auto accident and collision insurance claims, estimates, supplements and professional collision repair processing services. I’m Automotive is on your side.

We utilize the latest technologies so we provide professional detailed auto collision repair claim estimates and blue printing.

I’m Automotive Certified Professional Appraisers will utilize Specialized Systems to meticulously review every panel and parts so we don’t miss any damage.

If Your In a Collision Its Your Decision so Make the Smart Decision

Where you take your vehicle for repairs after a collision is your decision because by law insurance companies are not allowed to steer or tell you where you have to take your vehicle for repairs. Insurance companies have inside deals with certain body shops called DRP or direct repair programs.

Even the safest drivers can be involved in a car accident. So, at the scene of an auto accident you should take a few key steps. Make sure everyone is OK. Call the police and exchange information with any other drivers involved. And when the tow truck arrives have them tow your vehicle to us at I’m Automotive located at 5230 Holiday Ave in Billings Montana. Because we will take care of the rest.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim Processing Stress-Free

  • We work with all Insurance Companies. So just bring us your vehicle and claim number. Because we will work directly with your insurance company and represent you to provide stress free claim processing.
  • We represent you and negotiate all settlements to hold your insurance company responsible for all the funds needed to restore your vehicle to like new condition.
  • I’m Automotive digitally integrates with all the Insurance Carriers. So we can electronically provide detailed auto collision repair blue printing, including images of all the damaged panels and parts.
  • Get Professional Auto Collision Repair, Estimating and Claim Processing. Get a Free Detail with all our Auto Collision Repair Services. Fast Friendly Professional Quality Collision Services and a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • I’m Automotive will restore your vehicle back to like new condition We love processing auto accident insurance claim estimates and fixing damaged vehicles.


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Insurance Claim
Insurance Claim

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