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Hail Claim Review

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Auto Hail Claim Review Services

Is the Insurance Company giving you enough money for your Claim? How do you know? 

Don’t settle your claim for less than the full amount you are entitled to. It is always a good idea to get a professional auto hail claim review. Because most initial insurance company estimates are significantly below the actual dollar amount of auto hail damage repairs.

As a result most auto hail damage claims are settled by the insurance company for Thousands less than the actual dollar amount for all repair costs or the actual replacement value.

We represent you and negotiate with insurance companies all settlements for auto hail damage claims. We will review your claim and submit all supplements to hold your insurance company responsible for all costs and damages.  Don’t just settle! On average our customers receive THOUSANDS of additional dollars in supplements.

Professional Insurance Claim Services. We review your auto hail repair claim including estimates, supplements and any settlements. At I’m Automotive we are experts at auto hail repair claims.

We utilize the latest technologies to provide professional detailed estimates, supplements and blue printing. Specialized PDR Lighting Systems aid us to meticulously review all the panels for any dents dings and hail. We don’t miss a dent.

Insurance Claim Review

  • Professional Insurance Claim Processing. We digitally integrate with all the Insurance Carriers. We electronically provide detailed auto hail repair blue printing, including images of all the damaged panels.
  • Stress-Free Supplement Processing. Just bring us your vehicle and claim number. We will work directly with your insurance company and represent you to provide stress free claim supplement processing.
  • Total Loss Review. Based on real market data and detailed market reports we will determine the fair replacement market value for your vehicle. You can then use this information together with all the provided documentation needed to help you negotiate all total loss settlements to hold your insurance company responsible for the full replacement market value for vehicle.
  • So don’t delay before you settle let us review your claim today!

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Hail Claim Review
Hail Claim Review

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