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Paintless Hail Repair

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Paintless Auto Hail Repair maintains factory finish, integrity and vehicle value while restoring it to like new condition. Using specific specialized PDR tools, our technicians expertly perform auto hail damage repair. We sculpt and manipulate the dents out and permanently remove them without harming the original factory finish. Because Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is completed through one specialized process.

Paintless Dent Repair saves you time because it doesn’t require replacement of body panels or paint work and gets your vehicle back on the road fast! Because traditional collision repair takes much longer requiring several complex steps and waiting periods for replacement panels, parts and paint.

I’m Automotive Auto Hail Repair formally Dent Tec International has been providing Quality Fast Friendly Paintless Hail Repair for over 29 Years. Trusted all over the world our certified quality technicians are experts in all PDR techniques in the art of Paintless Hail Repair. Because we take great pride in all our services we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Paintless Dent Removal PDR

The most common PDR techniques utilize metal rods and body picks to push out dents from the underside or back of the body panel. So sometimes there is no access from the back of a panel and Glue Pulling Techniques can be used. By utilizing a Pull Tool, glue and specially designed tabs used to pull out the dents from the outside of the panel.

Our Paintless Dent Repair Certified Technicians manipulate precise locations of metal to the correct height. PDR reading instruments like Fluorescent, LED lighting and reflection boards are used to visualize any deformation of dents. They also aid in manipulating the metal to correct precise height.

We fine tune the repairs which involves tapping down the repair so to remove any small high spots or match the texture of the paint or orange peel.

Auto Hail Repair Services

Auto Hail Repair Services include Paintless Hail Damage repair and replacement of all Hail Damaged Moldings, Glass and Parts.

Also if your vehicle needs conventional repairs, like traditional bodywork or bumper repair, I’m Automotive also provides paint and auto body repair services.

Stress-Free Insurance Claim Processing

Just bring us your claim number. I’m Automotive has extensive experience working with ALL insurance companies. So we handle every aspect of your claim from start to finish. We provide the estimate including all images directly to your insurance company. We represent you and provide stress free claim processing.

At I’m Automotive we utilize the latest technologies to provide professional detailed auto hail repair estimates. Specialized PDR Lighting Systems are used to meticulously review every panel for dents dings and hail. So we don’t miss a dent.

Digital Integration Insurance Claim Processing

Because we electronically provide detailed auto hail repair estimates and blue printing including images of all the damaged panels. We can represent you to negotiate all claim settlements. So we hold your insurance company responsible for all the funds needed to restore your vehicle to like new condition.

It’s quick, seemless and costs you Zero out of Pocket. So Go Paintless! Go to I’m Automotive Hail Repair.

Insurance Deductible Assistance Rental Cars available On-Site. No rental coverage No Problem! We have Loaner Cars available or we will drop you off and pick you up.

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Paintless Hail Repair
Paintless Hail Repair

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