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I’m Automotive provides professional windshield repair services and automotive glass replacement.  Your windshield is an important part of the overall structural integrity of your vehicle. If have any damage to your windshield or auto glass you should repair windshield or do auto glass replacement as soon as possible. Our trained and certified glass technicians can take care of all your automotive glass needs.

Im Automotive Glass Repair is dedicated to quality glass replacement, repair and installations. We put you and your passenger’s safety first. We offer comprehensive auto window glass services, including durable OEM and OEE windshields.

All Glass 406 installations are done in our controlled environment. We offer glass replacement and windshield repair for most all make and models at an affordable price. We use only quality glass that proves to be durable and efficient to increase your safety on the road.

So turn to I’m Automotive for your windshield or glass replacement and expect the best customer service with the satisfaction that your auto glass is quality checked to meet car installation requirements.

Because our Trained, certified auto glass technicians are skilled technicians and use only the best materials for all glass replacement, ensuring a quality glass installation.

Because we understand that today’s vehicles are designed with the glass as an integral part of the vehicle’s safety system. Today’s glass provides safety functions. It is designed to help keep the occupants in the vehicle during an accident, act as a backstop for the deployment of the air bag system and provide structural integrity to the roof of the vehicle.

Quality Auto Glass Services

Windshield Replacement

All our professional installations are done with a high-grade automotive urethane designed specifically for automobiles. The adhesive creates a molecular bond between the glass and the vehicle. If not properly cured, the adhesive bond could fail during a crash, allowing occupants to be injured, ejected, or can reduce the effectiveness of the air bag and substantially compromise the structural integrity of the roof.

Our skilled technicians use only the best materials for windshield replacement, ensuring a quality windshield installation. For all cracked windows and windshields, the quality glass proves to be durable and efficient to increase your safety on the road.

We understand that today’s vehicles are designed with the Windshield as an integral part of the vehicle’s safety system. Today’s windshields have three basic safety functions.

  • Help keep the occupants in the vehicle during an accident.
  • Provide a backstop for the deployment of the air bag system.
  • Provide structural integrity to the roof of the vehicle.

Properly installed windshields and glass replacement SAVE LIVES!

1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Cars have become safer and safer every year. One of the biggest contributing factors is ADAS- What is it? Advanced driver assistance systems. ADAS Windshield Replacement. So if your car is 2016 or newer there is a 50% chance your car is equipped with ADAS. This includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure systems and automatic braking/safety alerts.

The technology for these systems is in your windshield. So after a windshield replacement, a calibration must be performed to ensure all systems are working properly. We are here to help! We’re now one of the few shops capable of dealer direct calibration services.

2. During an accident, you are prevented from getting thrown out of your car by your Windshield.

Inside the car is the safest place you can be during accidents. Because the windshield is a paramount barricade that prevents you from getting thrown out. If not replaced, windshields that are cracked or not installed properly may be a cause of failure at the time of collision or rolling over. This can lead to the life-threatening ejection of either you, the driver, or your passengers.

Cracked windshields lead to exposure of the laminate which serves as a joint between the windshields’ glass layers, thus causing delamination to occur. Delamination, in turn, causes an extreme reduction of the structural integrity of a vehicle as well as driving visibility.

3. Your Windshield and Airbags.

Almost all vehicles that have airbags. During car accidents your side airbags are deployed upward to protect all the passenger’s. Pushing back the glass of the windshield at a deployment speed of 150 to 200 miles per hour.

Therefore it could be stated that a damaged windshield does not have the structural integrity to absorb the force of the airbag’s being deployed. This may lead to the ejection of the passenger possibly causing dangerous injuries or even death.

4. Structural Integrity provided by your Windshield.

Vehicle Windshield is constructed in such a way as to help prevent the roof from caving in during rollover accidents. Windshields offer nearly 70% of structural integrity in these particular kind of accidents. Therefore, a cracked Windshield can truly lead to a more dangerous accident.

Windshield Repair

“Chip” repairs are a way of maintaining your Windshield. It can prolong the life of your Windshield because it prevents chips from spreading and turning into cracks. Repair chips immediately because if the chip or crack grows longer than 61 cm (24in) your windshield must be replaced .  So chip repair only makes sense if there isn’t a large crack that could compromise your Windshield or any visibility and safety issues.

We proudly use the highest quality resin available to fill in the chipped glass area. Because these resins have similar properties to actual auto glass they lead to the best visibility from a smooth finish to optimal light scatter.

Back Glass Replacement

When you have any type of chip in your rear window, it takes a replacement to ensure the most effective results. When you come to us for a rear glass we will make sure that your new quality glass is the same shape, size, and contour of the original glass.

We will inspect the damage carefully. Remove the damaged glass. Vacuum any debris and glass from the vehicle. Insert a new rear window. Then we ensure any defrost or technological capabilities are working and clean all of the glass on your vehicle

Side Glass Repair and Replacement

Vehicle side glass cracked or completely broken out? It won’t roll up or down? We can fix it. We have the largest access to stock of side and back glass parts in Billings.

When you come to us for an auto window replacement, we will inspect the damage carefully:

Remove the door panel to access the remaining glass
Vacuum any debris and glass from the vehicle
Insert a brand new side window
Test to ensure the window functions properly
Replace the door panel
Clean all of the glass on your vehicle

Side View Mirrors

Side view mirror broke? We can fix that! With factory made pre-cut flat and convex mirrors for all make and model cars and trucks.

Power Window Repair

If your power window has stopped working, you need more than a quick fix. Because side windows are one of the most active parts of your vehicle. You and your vehicle deserve only quality power window repair services. So trust our experts at Glass 406 to get your power window motor back in working order.

Our trained Technicians will ensure that you receive the best parts and service for your power window. When we fix your side power window, the motor will work exactly how it used to before it needed service.

Our power window repair services can fix the following issues and others:

Stuck power windows
Slow rolling power windows
Off track car windows
Malfunctioning power window Switches
Broken power window buttons
Windows that won’t go up
Windows that won’t go down
Intermittent issues

Auto Insurance Glass Replacement

We accept all Insurance plans. Insurance companies tend to have a reputation for not covering claims unless they specifically fall within the scope of your policy. So it is important to be familiar with the auto glass coverage you may or may not have.


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