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Tony Z Automotive Services

Tony Z Automotive Services

Does your ride need some TLC? Just see Z, Tony Z I’m Automotive

When it comes to automotive services, reconditioning and damage repair the questions are Endless, Should I keep my car? Should I sell it, Should I fix it? Should I just fix part of it? Is my insurance giving me enough? I will walk you through ALL your options and give you the peace of mind you need to make the best decision for you. 

Tony Z has been in the automotive industry for over 37 years. You trust me for your car buying needs and now you can trust me to ensure that all your automotive services, reconditioning and hail damage repair is done right by a local reputable business. No Tents No Games No Gimmicks. Just Quality Hometown Paintless Dent Repair with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


See Z first to get you the most insurance money, restore your car back to new, trade, sell or consign your vehicle, buy a new or used vehicle or you can just keep the money. I’m your local expert for all your automotive needs.

Did you enjoy your last car buying experience? Do you have a friend in the car business? You know car buying should be fun! I’m Tony Z and I’ve been representing Car Dealers across the country for over 42 years. Now I am representing you. Assisting you every step of the way, I’m on your side. 

Tony Z has an elite network of hand selected dealers and vendors across the country recognized as being the most reliable sources to buy from, sell to, and consult with about market conditions, trends and values. I save you time and money. Our Dealerships and Vendors offer competitive pricing as well as current manufacturer-sponsored rebates, incentives and low-finance rate loans to our buyers. I will help you find the right solution at the right price with a financing plan that makes sense. My reputation is built on honesty, responsiveness, quality customer service and industry knowledge.


With the Tony Z experience it’s always a delight when you get the keys to a new car? Buying Selling Trading or Consigning your car? Need automotive services or reconditioning? Getting the information you need is as easy contacted Tony Z. So Have Fun! Get the personal touch and answers to all your automotive needs. Interact by email, chat, or talk live with Tony Z and get consumer tips, like what to look for, how to look for the right vehicle, financing options or just answer questions. In Billings and across the Western United States I have established relationships with repair facilities, warranty, transport, auto auctions, dealerships and insurance companies. 

Great Credit? Damaged credit? Self employed, short job time, or a first time buyer. Do you need a car? Do you know where to turn? The world of automotive loans and financing can be confusing. I work on your behalf until we find the right car at the right price with a financing plan that makes sense for you. All of my dealers and vendors insure you’re treated according to our high standards of customer service and satisfaction.

Your Friend in the Car Business!

“Tony Z” Szemerei

Tony Z Automotive Services
Tony Z Automotive Services

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