Paintless Ding Repair


Paintless Ding Repair removes dings by sculpting the metal or if no access by glue pulling.

Most of the time we refer to a ding in terms of a door ding. You’re in a parking lot and the person next to you parks a little too close. They open their door open, and it dings into yours leaving an unsightly, although mostly cosmetic, ding on your door. A ding is damage that is generally a half inch in diameter or less. It doesn’t chip the paint or leave bare metal exposed to rust. They usually occur in the parking lot or in your garage.

Paintless Ding Repair to fix door dings doesn’t cost as much to repair as you’d think. Less hassle, better results, lower cost. Why do it any other way, bring your vehicle to Dent Tec International Today for your Door Ding repair.



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